Great news is that Upper Dam started to spill last Friday morning. The initial torrent quickly reached the Lower Dam which is steadily filling. It will however fall again once it stops raining as the wall has a severe leak. We will be looking at rectifying this as soon as we can.

Progress is being made between the dams walls on cutting back the massive lantana plants which have invaded the area. Old paths are again coming to light. Cutting the grass is proving difficult as our personal lawn mowers are just not suitable. Anyone who can help or offer suggestions please contact us. Only those sections near the old tearoom and between it and the Aloe Garden Carpark will be mown.

We are working on restoring the toilet block near the old tearoom. Once this is complete the toilets will be locked and a key will be held at the office. This will be extended to the other toilets later when funds are available and we feel that they are secure.

We hope that work will start this week on building security structures at Banff and Impala Road entrances. We have also been offered security radios and we will pursue this with one of the security companies. We will post details as and when we have wrapped it up.

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Rob Burrett