This remains a very important issue and is one that we will have to see to with utmost urgency. We remember all too well the sad murder that took place in the conservancy a few years, back as well as several instances of muggings. Even as recent as a few months ago a lady was victim of a bag-snatching. We must remain vigilant at all times.

While we would love to have the entire area electric fenced the costs in Zimbabwe today are prohibitive and unless we receive donor support we are unlikely to achieve this in the short term. If you can assist in anyway please contact us. We have formed a fund to accumulate donations specifically for this purpose.

In the meantime we have started securing the access points in the park; it is not that easy as barriers are quickly broken by people determined to use the area as a thoroughfare. We have also employed a couple of guards who are on patrol. Our staff are also working closely with nearby Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Hillside who come down to check when there are events and who act swiftly to reports from us. Already there have been several citizen’s arrests and word has got out.

However it is important that we do not become lax about security and we would like to offer some wholesome advice for those visiting:

  • lock your cars at all times.
  • park near the park office for added security.
  • don’t walk with valuables.
  • walk in a group.
  • report suspicious characters to office.
  • a dusk to dawn curfew will be imposed, especially those areas beyond the Tea Room car park..