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 About us 

Located in one of Bulawayo’s suburbs, this nature park is 86 hectares in size and features two dams in a unique natural environment of rocky outcrops. These dams were initially constructed as the main source of water for the City of Bulawayo and the park was declared a bird sanctuary. Apart from its rich vegetation and biodiversity the area also features rock paintings and various artifacts that are preserved by the Hillside Dams Conservancy Trust which runs not for profit. 

What we are known for? 

The Hillside Dams Conservancy is well known as being one of Bulawayo’s leading recreational facilities welcoming over a thousand people weekly. Visitors not only enjoy the various activities we offer such as ziplining, canoeing and trampolining but also enjoy picnics, taking nature walks, cycling, dog walking, birding and so much more in the company of their friends, family and work mates. Our conservation effort would not be possible without the support of the public who contribute towards it through an affordable gate entry fee as well as well-wishers who contribute annually and also help us in our daily patrols ensuring it remains a safe place for families and the whole community at large. We therefore pride ourselves in conserving the Hillside Dams through recreation and education, which continue to be the biggest contributors towards our conservation effort. 

What is our conservation effort? 

The restoration of a natural balance of vegetation is a crucial aspect of the vision of the Trust. Several decades of negligence and lack of maintenance led to the proliferation of invasive plants, which not only disturbed the natural balance but also continues to threaten the biodiversity within the Hillside Dams and surrounding areas. The project to eradicate and control these invasive species is ongoing and began in 2008. The result of doing this is the regrowth of species natural to the area such as various aloes and orchids that would have otherwise been going extinct and are now starting to resurface. 

The Trust works closely with EMA in various environmental projects and seeks to raise more awareness about the dangers of these plants as well as to advocate for the eradication of them in public spaces in Bulawayo. 

What it means to be a corporate member of Hillside Dams Conservancy? 

It means supporting our conservation effort through contributing towards our ongoing or future projects whilst also contributing to the health and social well-being of our community as a result of doing so. It will also help your organization meet its important cooperate social responsibility objectives. As a cooperate member of the Hillside Dams Conservancy your organization will further benefit from the following: 

  • Your company logo on our website with a link to your home page 
  • Your company logo displayed within Hillside Dams Conservancy 
  • One free company event venue booking per year 

Visit our website on to find out more about our ongoing and future projects. 

How to become a corporate member of the Hillside Dams Conservancy 

For further information regarding HDC corporate memberships, please call on Muzi Nhlamba at or through our office contacts on 0780652668/ 0292242620. 

Or feel free to sign up for our annual membership via our office at the Hillside Dams Conservancy. 

Our financial year runs from 1st January to 31st December and as such our membership packages follow the same dates.